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Fynbos illustration and card making – 5 May – DIY Craft Bar Noordhoek

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Fynbos illustration and card making – 5 May – DIY Craft Bar Noordhoek


Learn to illustrate fynbos and make your own cards and gift tags in a cute, cosy studio under big trees in a charming courtyard. With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s the perfect time to make some beautiful floral cards or bring your mom and spoil her with an early Mother’s Day gift!

There will be fynbos everywhere for you to smell, reference, and be inspired by. And after the workshop you get to make up a little bouquet for yourself to take home! You’ll learn how to draw fynbos in imaginative, stylised ways. Drawing florals and plants is one of my favourite things to teach because it’s so easy and satisfying. This workshop is for all levels. Anyone can learn to do this. All the art materials you’ll need will be supplied. You will have paper, inks, watercolours, and pens to play and create with. And there will be pretty sparkly paints from Moon Harvest to make your illustrations magical!

There are lovely restaurants a few steps away, and you are welcome to get coffee, wine, and snacks to snack on while you draw and paint.

Original art and my popular illustration prompt cards will also be for sale at special workshop prices.

That weekend is the Noordhoek open studios, so block off time to get inspired and then come and create your own art! welcome to join.

Oh, and if you’re wondering who I am, I am a professional illustrator, designer and art director with over 20 years of experience as a working creative. I’ve won some awards,  I’ve learned a lot in that time, and I love passing on what I’ve learned. I’ve been teaching since 2019 and have helped lots of happy students find their creativity and confidence and hone their skills! And I have the 5-star reviews to prove it. Look, I can’t sing, do my taxes or parallel park, but I can teach you all about creativity and illustration!

I hope to see you there!

Important info.

My classes are no judgement zones. It’s best to learn in a relaxed, fun environment. Positive feedback only. Ask as many questions as you like.

No kids under 12. Kids have to be accompanied by an adult, or if not, please understand that I can’t take responsibility for your child’s safety. If they are likely to drink a bottle of ink or wander off, I can’t abandon the rest of the workshop attendees to take care of the situation. Having said that, some of my best, most on top of it, attendees have been kids! But much like wild animals, some of them are unpredictable.

The art materials I supply are high quality and you can use as much of it as you want to. But please make sure that you cap pens and close ink bottles and watercolour tubes, and don’t pile palettes high with paint that you’re not going to use. It feels terrible throwing away a perfectly good pen because I can’t find its cap or emptying unused paints into the bin. You do have to finish up your artwork in the workshop; I can’t lend out art products because, in reality, I never get it back. I am very happy to give you recommendations to build your own art tool kit so you can finish up artwork and/or make more art at home.

All the information about this workshop will stay up here till after the workshop. So, if you forget the dates and times, please come and check back here. I’m a very small business consisting of one small human and a cat meownager who refuses to do any work, so please make sure that the info you need isn’t here before emailing me queries. I hate saying this as I really appreciate all the support I get, and I’d love to help and chat, but I am always behind with email! I currently have 200 unread emails! Halp!

If you’d like to know about upcoming lessons, workshops or courses, please sign up for my newsletter and check back here to see what is going on. I often give exclusive discounts and first dibs to subscribers.

If you have queries about this workshop or other lessons or workshops that are not answered here, please reach out either through my website or at You can also WhatsApp me on 060 850 8206.

No refunds or exchanges. If I have to cancel or postpone a workshop, I will make sure that you get to join another workshop in the future or get your money back. But if you miss a workshop for whatever reason, I can’t, unfortunately, gift you a space in a future workshop as that will leave me out of pocket, and being a freelance creative in this economy is HARD. What I can do is gift you spots in my online workshops. Please reach out to me in regards to that.  You can also sell or gift your ticket to someone else if you can’t make it. Just let me know the name and phone number of the new attendee.

Please don’t wear your favourite white shirt. I do have aprons, but they don’t completely cover you and the inks we’ll be using do stain.

And lastly, but most importantly THANK YOU! I really appreciate every ticket purchase, share and good review. It all helps me build my little business and keep the cat meownager fed with the good kibble. We are grateful! I love teaching, and obviously, without you, that wouldn’t be possible!

I look forward to helping you build your confidence and learn how to be more creative and express yourself artistically. It changes the way you view the world and adds so much beauty and fun to your life.







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