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Fourth Thursday – 25 July – Cartoon yourself!

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Fourth Thursday – 25 July – Cartoon yourself!


Every Third Thursday of the month, I offer a cheap and cheerful online creativity and illustration workshop. Always only R75. Each month has its own theme. It’s always beginner-friendly. If you sign up for my newsletter, you get your first Third Thursday for FREE, and you’ll be the first to know about new classes and get subscriber-only freebies and discounts. (I don’t have time to spam you, so don’t worry about that.)

Just for JULY, we’re doing a FOURTH THURSDAY because the Third one is Nelson Mandela Day.

July’s theme is Cartoon Yourself! You’ll learn to draw a cartoon version of yourself and an array of expressions and accessories. So next time someone annoys you, instead of overthinking an angry email or text, just send them a picture of you rolling your eyes at them. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s a great, cheap intro to a little mini-course I’m doing in September called Cartooning for Revenge (and LOLs). 

AND everyone who joins this workshop will get an exclusive discount code to join Cartooning for Revenge for only R550!

It’s online, so you can join from anywhere. Please note that times are in SAST, and prices are in South African Rands. A replay will be sent out after the workshop, so if you can’t make it or there’s load-shedding, you can still enjoy the lesson. *Please note that replays are only available for paying ticket holders. The free workshops don’t include a replay.

ALSO, if you’re lucky, you might get to meet my meow-nager Sir Henry Baba Ganoush the Bohemian. 

All you need is an internet connection, pencil, eraser, pen, paper, and, if you’re feeling fancy, something to add colour, such as coloured pencils or paints. This is nice but not necessary. If you have a pencil and the back of an old envelope, you’re also good to go.

I’ve been a professional award-winning art director, illustrator and designer for the past 20 years. It is my day job to come up with fresh, original ideas and bring them to life.  When I started teaching in 2019, I developed a bunch of exercises and techniques to teach others what I know in a short timeframe and to make it fun. I know that the biggest obstacle to creative work is self-doubt. That is why my classrooms are judgement-free zones where the focus is on having fun because that is when you are able to create your best work and learn the most.

This workshop is beginner-friendly. You don’t need any special talents, skills or experience. You don’t need to be creative or artistic. My workshops are designed to help you overcome your fears and mental blocks and teach you how to think creatively, illustrate your ideas and find your very own style. Whether you’re an experienced artist looking to try something new or a complete newbie who hasn’t drawn a stick figure since pre-school, you’ll love this workshop.

We hope to see you there!


My contact details: & WhatsApp only +27608508206

Please ensure you’re signed on and settled in to start at 18h00. When you make your purchase, you’ll receive an email with the link from Check your spam folder if you can’t find your link. If you really can’t find it, please contact me with the name you booked under, and I will make sure you get it.

If you’re having trouble purchasing your ticket online, please let me know. If it’s last minute, as in 5 to 18h00 on the day please Whatsapp, as that is more likely to get my attention and get you on the Zoom on time. I’m not always on email.

Every person who joins needs their own ticket. In other words, if two people share a computer, both will need a ticket. Kids under 12 and pets can join for free. If your pet joins, please show me your pet. Please don’t share your link with others.

A replay will be sent out after the workshop. These videos are yours to keep and enjoy, but please don’t share them; they are for ticket holders only. Also, don’t upload it on any platform or use it for teaching purposes without my permission. 

Replays will be sent out and available for a limited amount of time. It’s your responsibility to download the video before the link expires. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to resend links. But if you didn’t get the link, please let me know, and I will send it to you.

No refunds or exchanges. If you miss a class and/or a replay download, you won’t be able to join a future class for free. If I, for some reason, have to cancel or postpone, I will make sure you join a future class of the same value, or you can use your R75 as a discount towards any of my other courses, workshops, private lessons or consultations.

Please check your inbox before the lesson. If I have to cancel or postpone for some reason, I’ll send an email and let you know. Up until now, I’ve never had to, but you never know. Life happens sometimes.

If you don’t know your Zoom handle, please just put your name there.

The information will stay up here.

Please make sure you put the time in your calendar and keep the link in a safe place. I’m one person, and email queries take up a lot of time. So please check back here to see if your question is answered before sending your query.

If you have any queries that are not covered here, please let me know. I’ll be happy to help.

And lastly and most importantly, thank you SO much for your support. As I’ve said, I’m a very sm0ll business of only one (smoll) person, and every purchase, share, and good review makes a big difference. I absolutely love teaching and really believe that everyone is creative and benefits from creativity. And I’m excited to share my love for creativity and illustration with you!




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If you don't know your Zoom handle, you can just use your name or leave it empty. Don't worry about it.

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