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The Rand

The Rand A cartoon I drew whilst travelling in Central America, when the South African Rand was at an all-time low at R17 against the Dollar. Part of a challenge I set myself in 2016 to post a Daily Doodle

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Saying Hola!

Saying Hola! A cartoon I drew as part of my Daily Doodle series whilst travelling in Central America. There were lots of stray dogs roaming about and I noticed that whenever I crossed paths with one I’d greet it very

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Locked out

Locked out A Daily Doodle I did in Nicaragua when I went to the outside bathroom and locked myself out of my dorm at 4 in the morning. I was in Ometepe, a volcanic island. The hostel was secluded in

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Self-guided Yoga

Self-guided Yoga This is what my yoga practice looks like when left to my own devices. Love a Shavasana. This cartoon is part of a challenge I set myself in 2016 to post a Daily Doodle on Instagram every day

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Kanye on Twitter

Kanye on Twitter I don’t remember what he tweeted to inspire this cartoon, but the thing is, it’s pretty timeless as he is always tweeting something nutty. Side note, this was before Trump was President. This could easily be ‘Oh

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Bicorns Extra mythical. This cartoon is part of a challenge I set myself in 2016 to post a Daily Doodle on Instagram every day for 6 months.

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Smile A cartoon I did as part of my Daily Doodle series on Instagram. They’re birds you see, they can’t smile…get it? This sort of thing cracks me up.

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Equality All humans should be treated, valued and respected equally, of course from a cat’s point of view that means we all get treated with an equal measure of disrespect…Fair enough, I guess?

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Coffee A cartoon about how much my personality needs coffee. No one likes the decaf version of me. Least of all me.

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All out

All out I use humour as a coping mechanism. It works really well for me. Sometimes though, I run out. Those are the dark times.

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Frog I imagine many drunk, single girls have tried to kiss actual frogs in real life. I mean I would never get drunk and do anything that ridiculous. I’m just saying that it is a thing, that I can imagine

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#Meowfluencer When another cat is more popular on the gram than another. Part of the Daily Doodle series I did on Instagram. Please follow my cat on Insta @SirHenryBab

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Meditating I have a really busy mind, except when I sit down with the intention to brain storm ideas, then it’s oh so quiet. Pffft.

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Customer Service

Customer Service Call center hell. When the person on the other side can’t go off script and keeps refering you to the FAQ’s when you do. Listen, if the answer were in the FAQ’s I wouldn’t be phoning!

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Neurotica A doodle for the Gram about the particular insecurity of being asked to send nudes. Your SO can wait to see you IRL.

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The Hunger Panic

The Hunger Panic I don’t deal well with being hungry. I panic. And then when I see food, I eat it all with wild abandon. For my own safety and that of everyone around me I will not be partaking

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Meditation This cartoon is part of a challenge I set myself in 2016 to post a Daily Doodle on Instagram every day for 6 months. This one is a visual representation of my crazy, busy mind trying to meditate. Sigh.

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