Last year my friend Annabel and I were freelancing at the same ad agency. Unfortunately, I had to stick to my usual name Karen Vermeulen whilst working there, whereas Annabel got issued a new name along with her company laptop and email address. Her screensaver proudly declared that this laptop belonged to Annabelle Singsby, the name bouncing around the screen to our great amusement. Annabelle Singsby was also getting all Annabel Singsby’s emails and meeting requests. Surely that meant that Annabel Singsby didn’t have to answer those emails or go to any of those meetings, Annabelle Singsby had it under control.
Since then it’s become a joke between us. Anything that the real Annabel Slingsby doesn’t feel like doing gets handed over to Annabelle Singsby. She is the one who goes to pilates, eats nutritious meals, drinks 8 glasses of water a day and keeps on top of things. Meanwhile Annabel Slingsby gets to lounge around on the couch eating chocolates, drinking gin and tonics and whilst her perfect alter-ego takes care of things.

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