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The illustration below is called Ophelia. As you can see she has delightful pretty pink nips, Instagram, however, is not a fan of her nips. I’m not allowed to sell her in my online shop through Insta and I can’t promote a post featuring her as apparently her illustrated nipples are offensive. This is annoying and ridiculous, but also intriguing. I mean her boobs are two lines and two pink dots! It’s not even a realistic illustration. It got me wondering what exactly is so offensive about her boobs? So I decided to run a little experiment. Every Monday I will be posting some illustration with nipples, and then you get to vote on whether or not you think it will be approved by simply commenting either ‘approved’ or ‘rejected’ in the comments, I’ll give you till Tuesday afternoon to get your votes in, then I will try and promote it and see what happens! And I’ll report back my findings here. Those of you who guess correctly stand a chance to win fun prizes, like a ticket to a workshop or a voucher to my shop or maybe even a print of the infamous Ophelia. If you’d like to play along be sure to check out my Instagram every Monday, cast your vote and check back here to get the results. I’ll DM you if you won a prize. Please note, that not everyone who guesses correctly will win, I will do lucky draws from the correct guesses. You can follow the hashtag #rejectednipples on Insta to see all the posts, I’m @karen_vermeulen_illustration. Ok so this is what Ophelia normally looks like, two boobs, two nips.
This is the first pic of the experiment, 3 boobs, 3 nips. I reckon it will be rejected. Or will AI think she isn’t human and let it slide? Is it AI or is this an actual job, with actual people making decisions on what is offensive and what isn’t? So many questions. What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you work for Instagram, please get in touch, I have many, many questions for you! Update: 3 boob Ophelia got rejected!
Approved! Pretty much everyone guessed right, so I think we need to make things a bit more interesting. Stay tuned!

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