Travel doodles

falling off a boat in texasnew orleans and other travel adventures

Here’s some doodles documenting my travels. A while ago I fell off a boat, on dry land! I went out on lake Austin with friends and when were safely back in their driveway I fell whilst trying to get off. Travel isn’t all glamour…

Then there was also the scorpion in my kitchen sink that totally freaked me out, it’s not fun coming across a scorpion whilst trying to make your morning coffee, luckily I managed to trap and kill it, they are creepy, hardy little things.

What was more glamorous and fun was our roadtrip to New Orleans! I absolutely loved it, amazing live music everywhere, beautiful art and houses. It’s been a dream of mine to visit New Orleans so I was really happy to be able to go and it lived up to my expectations. Another American highlight so far was being asked for my ID to buy wine! Two days before my 36th birthday! Ok so apparently it’s not unusual to be “carded” in the states (as they say here) but still it made me feel pretty damn chuffed with myself.

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