The colours of Tulum


I’ve been spending my time in a little beach side town in the north of Mexico called Tulum. It’s a colourful place, bright blue sky against a turquoise ocean, red sunburned tourists, brightly coloured flowers and green jungle. I bought a bright green mexican embroidered dress to fit in…

I just took my rental bike back to the agency and I was quite sad to hand it back, I’ve really enjoyed cycling down to the beach and eating fish tacos with new travel friends, but tomorrow I’m off to Cuba. Which is very exciting and a little unreal and scary. I hope there’ll be less mozzies and that it will with any luck be slightly less hot and humid. There’s something to remember next time you’re jealously looking at a photo of paradise, yes it is beautiful but those smiling people in the pics are sweating buckets and itching like crazy.

PS. Sam! you’re the winner of an illustration of you eating reindeer, keep your eyeballs peeled here for your pic, it will go up soon.

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  1. Sam B October 13, 2015 at 10:49 pm #

    Yay : )

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