Ranch life


The thing I like most about living on a ranch are the animals. There are the tame-ish ones – like the cattle – who’s had three calves since I’ve been here and the goats, even though one of them tried to eat my shirt while I was wearing it.

But to me the most exciting is the wild critters, the other morning I was sitting outside my cottage drinking coffee when this tiny little fox came and peered at me from around the wall, we eyeballed each other for a while and then he decided he didn’t trust me and turned on his tail and ran. Pretty fast, I got up to see where he’d gone too,but he was nowhere to be found. I’ve also seen a raccoon, it was very cute and very determined that it wants to live under my friends’ house.

The bugs and creepy crawlies however, isn’t a great a part of ranch living, I’ve already had a scorpion under my feet, luckily my friend dealt it a swift death before I even knew what was happening and despite the Deet I’m covered in mozzie bites.

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