The not so glamorous side of travel


I get my fair share of travel envy from friends and family and that’s understandable and sure there is a lot to be envious of, but the thing is of course that (like most travellers) the photos I share are the ones of me drinking a cocktail with a bright blue sea behind me or on horseback surrounded by lush green hills, what I don’t photograph and what they don’t see is the not so glamorous bits. So for the sake of balance I thought I’d share them…

The long bus rides, the constant itchy bites, (mozzies loooove me) the heat, the rain, the dirty toilets – at least I’ve gotten strong legs from squatting – the bad hair days because the water and/or humidity is not agreeing with my hair, getting lost over and over again, worrying about your stuff, wearing the same 5 outfits for the duration of your trip, the litter that I artfully crop out of photos and I could go on. The point is, it’s not always fun, every day can’t be and won’t be blue skies and cocktails, it can be hard and boring and sometimes you just want a clean bathroom and a cup of coffee you’ve made yourself.

I still love it though, because between the long bus rides and dirty toilets there is always that moment when you are experiencing something amazing or eating something amazing that makes it all worth it.

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