I’m in Texas y’all!

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Four gin and tonics, 3 movies and one overpriced cappuccino later I’ve arrived in Texas! It only took 25 hours… I used to hate long flights, not being lucky enough to afford business class or getting upgraded, I’m always folded into an uncomfortable upright position in economy.

But this time round I was kinda looking forward to the long flight, no work, no deadlines, nothing to do, all your food and drinks come to you without you having to even ask, tiny bottles of gin, movies, it’s actually not that bad. Apart from trying to sleep upright, which I hate…

Even the hanging out in airports is fine if you just make peace with the fact that you’re going to pay ridiculous prices for simple comforts, but you pay for the R70 cappuccino to enjoy the comfy seat and people watch – airports are great for people watching. There was the 7am large glass of wine guy, a man with a spectacular pink turban and all manner of people from all over the world to entertain me. But I am glad to be here and sleeping in a horizontal position without a stranger next to me.

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