Cuba and Day of the Dead in Mexico!

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I’m back in Mexico for Day of the Dead after two weeks in Cuba. Cuba is a crazy interesting place… I saw a rat catch a ride on a dog’s back in Havanna, a poet wrote a poem for me while we were waiting out the rain in Trinidad, I swam inside a mountain in Viñales, in a cave in the dark through a tunnel! (I’m very proud of myself) saw some crazy impressive salsa dancing and drank a lot of “cocteles”

The thing about Cuba is that you just never know what to expect and half the time nothing makes sense, and that is the frustration and the joy of travelling there. But it is refreshing to be in a country where people aren’t glued to their smartphones and instagramming their lunch, instead they are out in the street and on the plaza talking to each other or dancing. Everyone dances in Cuba, the grannies, the kids, the homeless outside the restaurants where the musicians are playing, and there is music everywhere, all the time.

I loved it, but I’m also glad to be in Mexico where my friend Dana joined me, we’re in Oaxaca famous for it’s day of the dead celebrations, already the city is full of parades, sugar skulls and music and firecrackers which gives me a mini heart attack every time one goes off, I might be a nervous wreck by the time we leave…

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  1. Anna-Mare November 8, 2015 at 8:29 am #

    Would love to visit Cuba to be able to dance in the street !!

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