Bolt fabric design – MATS

Bolt fabric design - MATSBolt fabric design - MATS

This is my Bolt fabric design for MATS. Last year I bought an online course from Lila Rogers illustration agency, it’s called MATS – make art that sells and covers things like fabric design, homeware and children’s books. And I just finished my first assignment for Bolt fabric design today. It was really fun and now I’d like to design some more fabric.

Also the photo is of my “studio” here in Ometepe… I’m staying at a beautful spot in the jungle called Finca Mystica where the howler monkeys howl and the blue butterflies, flutter about. Not a bad spot to work. The whole island is beautiful and interesting. It is made up of two volcanoes in Nicaragua lake, one volcano is pretty grumpy and poofs and puffs every now and then, the other one is very chill. Yesterday I took a break from designing and cycled around one of the volcanoes. Hard work, but fun and beautiful. Tomorrow I’m off to the beach. But I am taking on work, so if anybody needs anything doodles or designed drop me a note.

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