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Follow me @karen_vermeulen_doodles_etc on Instagram to win my new print – Crazy hair, don’t care. My life motto. Not that my hair is green, neither do I have a beard ( I so would if I were able to grow one though…) I do however have crazy, wild, raggedy assed hair. And I love it. […]

Chill the F out

Chill the F out, BRO. This is my wall art piece for my MATS (make art that sells) course I’ve been busy with. I really struggled with this one, which is perhaps why some light swearing slipped in… We had to create an abstract, floral, collagey wall art piece, not really my thing. But it’s […]

The white cat: a step by step guide to the cover

Step 1: Go nuts. The cover was definitely going to have a cat on it, so I doodled cats, lots and lots of them. Snooty cats, cool cats, sex kittens anything goes at this stage. Step 2: Get a little more serious. Do some research. Look at other bookcovers, typography, any elements that might feature. […]

Bolt fabric design – MATS

This is my Bolt fabric design for MATS. Last year I bought an online course from Lila Rogers illustration agency, it’s called MATS – make art that sells and covers things like fabric design, homeware and children’s books. And I just finished my first assignment for Bolt fabric design today. It was really fun and […]

Feliz año nuevo!

Feliz año nuevo from El Salvador! Here it’s still a few hours away from 2016 , but back home in Cape Town it’s already the new year. Happy New Year Saffers! This is the first of 365 daily doodles that I hope to do in 2016. If I don’t please give me crap! I’ll be […]

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad desde Guatemala. I hope that where ever you find yourself, you are happy and that whether you’ve been naughty or nice there is wine. I’m far away from family and friends and missing out on hugs and yummy Xmas food. But I’ve been promised a delayed Xmas celebration when I get home in […]


This morning I was lying in bed in a hostel in Guatemala, looking at photos of crowds of South Africans gathering in protest. Whilst I would’ve like to be there too, what is interesting about watching it unfold from Guatemala is that in September this year the Guatemalan president and vice president were jailed for […]

Xmas vouchers on sale now!

Instead of schlepping to the shops and buying your loved ones more crap they don’t need, why don’t you show them you care with these printable vouchers on sale now. Vouchers come in a set of two and will be delivered to your inbox as an A4 hi-res printable pdf. Just print on some nice […]

Christmas cards

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas time. It feels a bit unreal because I’m all the way in Guatemala, but my friends send me a message recently that they spotted some Christmas cards I designed for Stuff from Africa in a shop at the airport. So if you are ready to start sending cards check […]

The not so glamorous side of travel

I get my fair share of travel envy from friends and family and that’s understandable and sure there is a lot to be envious of, but the thing is of course that (like most travellers) the photos I share are the ones of me drinking a cocktail with a bright blue sea behind me or […]

Cuba and Day of the Dead in Mexico!

I’m back in Mexico for Day of the Dead after two weeks in Cuba. Cuba is a crazy interesting place… I saw a rat catch a ride on a dog’s back in Havanna, a poet wrote a poem for me while we were waiting out the rain in Trinidad, I swam inside a mountain in […]

What would Santa say

The elves and Santa are all very disappointed in you Sam. You ate Rudolph. Shame on you….

The colours of Tulum

I’ve been spending my time in a little beach side town in the north of Mexico called Tulum. It’s a colourful place, bright blue sky against a turquoise ocean, red sunburned tourists, brightly coloured flowers and green jungle. I bought a bright green mexican embroidered dress to fit in… I just took my rental bike […]

My culinary tour of Texas!

My time in the USA is almost up and I’ve tasted some pretty good stuff whilst here. I’m surprised I’m not rolling out of Texas, because the food here is tasty, but not particularly healthy, almost everything comes deep fried…including pickles! I was dubious about that I must say, but I’m a convert, it’s soooo […]


These little wieners are my very first paid job as a travelling illustrator (well on this trip) and they are being posted to Canada later today! If you’d like to commission something please let me know through my contact page.

Mozzies and a chubbawubba

The mozzies in Texas are stealth, you don’t see or hear them but the itchiest itchy bites appear out of nowhere! The other doodle is of my friends’ hilarious chubby baby who is learning to walk and who does so on his tippy toes with his arms outstretched above his his head, super cute.

Travel doodles

Here’s some doodles documenting my travels. A while ago I fell off a boat, on dry land! I went out on lake Austin with friends and when were safely back in their driveway I fell whilst trying to get off. Travel isn’t all glamour… Then there was also the scorpion in my kitchen sink that […]

Ranch life

The thing I like most about living on a ranch are the animals. There are the tame-ish ones – like the cattle – who’s had three calves since I’ve been here and the goats, even though one of them tried to eat my shirt while I was wearing it. But to me the most exciting […]


I learned a new word in Texas – Hootenanny! it’s originally a Scottish word meaning party, but it’s come to mean a folk music party. It might be my new favourite word… it’s so much fun to say and I just have images of wild dancing, cowboy hats and fringed boots. “Y’ll” of course comes […]

Portrait winner!

We have a winner! Congrats Natalie, I hope you like your portrait! There’ll be more competitions coming up, so please follow my blog and my FB page and you could win the next one. I’m also on Instagram and Pinterest, all links to be found below.

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Like my facebook page and win a portrait! This is my friend Andreya and my host in Texas. To win your own portrait/profile pic just like my page on facebook. Winners will be announced 20 September and the link to my FB page can be found at the bottom of this page.

I’m in Texas y’all!

Four gin and tonics, 3 movies and one overpriced cappuccino later I’ve arrived in Texas! It only took 25 hours… I used to hate long flights, not being lucky enough to afford business class or getting upgraded, I’m always folded into an uncomfortable upright position in economy. But this time round I was kinda looking […]

Up, up and away (well almost)

Today I worked my last day in advertising – for a while at least… On Monday I fly to Austin, Texas, to start a 6 month adventure, that will involve margaritas, beaches, beautiful scenery, tacos and who knows what else. I’ll be going to Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua and visiting sloths in Costa Rica. […]

Welcome to my blog!

Hello! And welcome to my blog, I’m soon to be a travelling illustrator, just me my backpack, laptop and some paint so check back here for updates of what I’m working on and where in the world I find myself… Also go like my Facebook page and stand a chance to WIN a hand drawn […]

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